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Ignite your ticket sales. Stream your performances.


Live streamed performances transform your business by offering paid online admission access to your events and attractions in real-time. 


Give your audience what they're craving.

Our service is free for presenters. No cost. No risk.

6 Main Ways This Benefits You

  • Increase revenue through a new, untapped source of box office sales.

  • Stop limiting your income by your venue's number of seats.

  • Expand your audience by 2x, 4x, or even 10x for free. 

  • Easily modernize your business with a consumer-first solution.

  • Adapt to the constraints of the new normal imposed on the performing arts industry.

  • It's live, not a recorded event, therefore you will not be required to pay your crew premium wages.

Why do this with us and not another option?

Our technology allows you to stream your performance to 50 or 500,000 paying viewers without a loss in quality.

You set the ticket price. No commission fees. No confusing negotiations. Just more ticket revenue.

Some options are just a streaming service. Others only offer a paywall. We do both. And we can get your online ticket paywall set up in less than an hour.

We'll help you every step of the way.

From staff training to live stream set up on-site. We're your partner throughout this whole process. Your wins are our wins. 

You probably already have everything you need to stream. But in the rare case you don't, we'll help you get what you need to deliver a professional stream to your audience. Or we will provide cameras, equipment and staff for a reasonable fee. 

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