Performing Ochestra

Get paid more for your performances.

Live stream your performance at a staged venue to an unlimited number of paying audience members.

One live stream performance can generate an infinite amount of new income-producing contracts with presenters & venues.

Simultaneously expand your audience & cut out travel expenses.

Why This Is A Gamechanger For Performers

  • Overcome severely reduced audience sizes & bookings with online admission access to your performances. 

  • Reach greater audiences over larger regions from one streamed performance. 

  • Eliminate expensive travel costs by collaborating with multiple presenters for one performance.

  • Stream your performance in real-time to paying audience members without the uncertainty of relying on only tips & donations.

  • Tap into an immediate network of presenters & venues eager to leverage online access performances for their patrons.

Why do this with us and not another option?

Our technology allows your performance to be streamed to 50 or 500,000 paying viewers without a loss in quality.

Restore your cash flow with a new source of income to regain financial stability and set yourself up for future success.

We'll help you connect with excited presenters to set up a contract for your streamed performances. 

Don't just stop at one contract. Leverage your streamed performance to a multitude of other presenters ready to offer more performances to their audience.

Work with a team that has over 30+ years of direct experience booking performances and attractions with presenters. 

Work with the people who designed the only service that serves the entire performing arts industry. Not just presenters. Not just agencies. Everyone.

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Is the quality of the stream reliable?

Yes! You can stream to 50 or 500,000 people withot loss of quality.

Who can take advantage of WatchLive services?

Performers, presenters, attractions, agencies, venues, and their audiences.

How do contractual arrangements work with my WatchLive performance & presenter?

A presenter secures you and obtains permission from you to stream the
performance. You negotiate with the presenter to decide if any additional fee is necessary. (Or you can stage the streamed performance with a presenter and a venue of your choice.)
You negotiate a contract with the Presenter to stage a streamed live performance in their venue at a specific date and time, in the same manner a live performance is negotiated. You and a presenter can also contract with WatchLive® to stream a performance already scheduled. When the presenter’s venue seats reach capacity, the presenter will be able to continue selling streamed access to the performance to an unlimited number of attendees, resulting in an unlimited number of tickets being sold. In this situation, you would probably negotiate to receive a percentage of the gross receipts from access sales.

Is the performance recorded and then streamed later?

No! The performance is live streamed. To accommodate timezones across the globe, the performance can still be accessed for a period of 48 hours before it's taken down by Vimeo.

Can I stream a performance and make it available to more than one presenter?

Yes! WatchLive will secure a number of presenters to tie in to the live performance for their respective audiences. Contracts will need to be negotiated with each individual streaming presenter for the fee you will collect for tapping in to your performance.

Does Watchlive add an additional fee to my performance?

While the audience member paying for access will see a small service charge, there will be no additional fee charged to you. You will pay WatchLive a fee of 5% of the access fee paid by the audience member.

What do I get charged for using the WatchLive service?

WatchLive charges performers a fee of 5% of the fee you negotiate with the presenter. Example: The online ticket access income collected by the presenter amounts to $5,000 . The presenter agreed to pay you 50% of the proceeds. You earn $2,500 and only pay WatchLive $125.

What's in it for me to participate in a WatchLive event?

For every live performance you have scheduled or will schedule in the future, WatchLive encourages you to explain to your presenter the advantages of live streaming with WatchLive to gain added income for them. For you, when the presenter live streams, WatchLive® can tie in other presenters. You gain income from every other presenter who streams your performance. This has the potential for you to add a new source of unlimited income.

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