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Learn why we're doing this and how we got here.

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Craig Hankenson


Kathy D. Hankenson


We've been passionately involved with the performing arts industry for over 40 years with our successful entertainment & attractions booking agency: Producers Inc.

Developed by the creator of Ticketron, WATCHLIVE© was created to overcome the existential threat wreaking havoc on the entire performing arts industry starting in the spring of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic.

WATCHLIVE© was specifically created to benefit everyone in the performing arts industry by restoring live performances, retaining jobs, and restoring cash flow to venues and performers.


Every decision we make always falls back onto one simple, guiding question: 


"How will this help everyone in our industry?"


The project works with presenters, artists, and their agencies to live stream performances that are made available to audiences for viewing online. Presenters are able to promote and sell online access for concerts or performances staged in venues with approved socially distanced reduced audiences.


Performers can choose to remain on stage after the performance for a TV-style town hall where the audience watching will be able to text questions in a meet and greet session. Viewing audience will also be able to text comments during the performance.

WatchLive© has assembled a growing list of attractions who are anxious to schedule a live concert appearance for your audience.

The concept of WATCHLIVE© was created by Craig Hankenson, founder of the concept of Ticketron in the 1960s.


Craig served on the staff of The San Francisco Opera, Chair of the Voice Department of Auburn University, as Associate Director of The Brevard Music Center, Director of Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Executive Director of Wolf Trap Foundation For The Performing Arts, and as Chair of the Department Of Arts Event Management at the University Of South Florida. He is Founder and President of PICASTAR, the corporation which owns Producers, Incorporated and WatchLive.